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Monday, November 16, 2009

Film "Careful What You Wish For''Share

Film "Careful What You Wish For''
Monday, November 2, 2009
Cameras will roll on Lake Norman in November
Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 10:59am

(Oct. 14, 2009 - Mooresville, NC) The Christian/Faith-based short film, “Careful What You Wish For” begins principal photography in Cornelius, NC, on November 23, under the direction of Tim Vogel, it was announced today Lancer Entertainment Group of Mooresville, and Vogel, who is also the film’s creator and producer.

This “faith-based” short film stars (in alphabetical order) Kit Chester of Sherrills Ford, Mindy and Melissa Ramski of Nashville, TN, and Norma Moore of Hickory.

The screenplay is written by Martin Ciliberto (Nobody Listens, The Vegetarian Hunter, Faith); Vogel’s writing partner for the feature film “S.A.D. (Standard American Diet)” which is currently in pre-production, will star Corey Haim (The Lost Boys, Crank). The executive producer is Jim Shoaf (S.A.D., Red Dirt Girls). Cathy Carpenter of Spring Hill Suites in Mooresville, NC; Digital Stills Photographer, Tom Stevens, Jr., of Miami, FL; Production Manager, Bevin Jett. The music score is being written and produced by Jeremy Doss of Anaheim, CA. Doss is also signed to score the film “S.A.D.” for Vogel.

“We are so lucky, blessed and fortunate to have Joanne Hock as Director of Photography for this film,” said Vogel. He added, “Joanne has been recognized for her work recently by the New York International Film Festival with the Gold Medal award for direction as well as the prestigious Grand Prize Award for 2005. Joanne was a featured Director/DP in the internationally acclaimed film, “To See The Light,” for Kodak Motion Picture Films. I’m really looking forward to working with her on this project.”

“Careful What You Wish For” will be filmed on the RED camera system, the latest and hottest technology being used in filmmaking at this time. “We are hoping to use two cameras to double our coverage and cut our actual “on-set” time in half,” said Vogel. He added, “with two camera setups, you can shoot one scene with both cameras at two different angles, thus eliminating set up times to move a single camera to cover one actor, then set up for the second actor’s camera angles. It makes for a faster and more efficient shoot.”

The film will be shot at Midtown Sundries in Cornelius, NC on Lake Norman sometime the week of Thanksgiving. “We are only planning on this being a three day shoot,” said Vogel. He add, “the timing is just right with the holidays, we don’t want to create havoc for the restaurant and it’s regular patrons, traffic inside the establishment will be at a minimum.”

Created by Vogel and written by Ciliberto, "Careful What You Wish For" is a story about two girls, Michelle, played by Mindy Ramski, and Veronica, played my Melissa Ramski, who are just about to graduate from college. They are both in Charlotte visiting their families for the holidays. They meet at a local restaurant and discuss their plans to move from Charlotte to Manhattan after they graduate. They are both dating brothers who are Christians who like Charlotte and plan to stay there. Michelle and Veronica discuss their boyfriends and how they feel their boyfriends are backward in their ways and how Charlotte is not very lively. An older professional woman overhears Michelle and Veronica’s conversation. The older woman, played my Moore, tells them how alone she is now and how she wishes she had never left Charlotte. The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

The film will be marketed as a faith-based story to the Christian film distribution companies. The film will be less than 30-minutes in length, which according to Vogel “is the perfect length for broadcast outlets.”

In March 2008, Vogel produced and directed the short film “Nobody Listens” in Mooresville. That film went on to win two international film awards including the Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival in April of this year. It was also shown at two other film festivals in 2008. Vogel has also produced over 1,300 local and regional TV commercials, scores of short and long form TV programming, documentaries and corporate video projects. In June, Vogel worked on the feature film “For Sale By Owner” as VFX Artist and Titles Editor. The film stars Skeet Ulrich, Scott Cooper, Tom Skerritt and Kris Kristofferson, and is being released on DVD any day. In 2008-2009 Vogel has acquired a total of 13 various international awards for his work.

The film’s official website is and Lancer Entertainment Group’s site is

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Mindy and Melissa starring female roles in "Careful What You Wish For"

Film Synopsis:
The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side. Take stock of what you have in your life and be thankful for what you do have.
The film stars are up and coming singers and sisters, Mindy and Melissa Ramski. Now living in Nashville, they will be taking time out of their busy recording schedules to film “Careful What You Wish For” written by award winner Martin Ciliberto and Directed by award winner Tim Vogel.
Principal photography will take place at Midtown Sundries on Lake Norman in Cornelius, NC, for two days in early November. We want to especially thank Luke Caudle for allowing to film at Midtown Sundries.
Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Movie "Careful What You Wish For"

Movie "Careful What You Wish For"
The Ramski's in New Film Careful What You Wish For

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