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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Ramski's BIO

The Ramsks
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The Ramski’s Biography
The Ramski’s, Melissa Ramski (born March 25, 1991) Mindy Ramski (Born March 29, 1989) they are American singer-songwriter and actresses. Both sisters were born in Florida, Melissa in Fort Pierce and Mindy in Stuart, Florida, although they remember the beach it was soon there after they moved to central New Jersey where they spent several years of there younger lives, only to be uprooted once again, and moved to a distant land called Kansas where Dorothy and her gang make they’re journey to The Wizard in the Land of OZ. It’s in Kansas, where these two sisters grow up and spend their young lives.
These two young country artists have talent beyond their years. Melissa learned to play guitar from taken only a few classes and then teaching herself, and not only to play but write and compose music, Melissa is now a BMI published songwriter/music composer. Mindy performed Jazz, and Blues, before they came together as The Ramski duo. They both would perform for friends in their backyards, karaoke contests, musicals at high school, festivals, fairs, Lions Club, civic organizations, conventions, idol contest, Colgate Country showdowns, and both were local titles holder with the Miss Kansas Organization.
In 2008 The Ramski’s released their very first Christmas single “Winter Wonderland” and they were on the 2009 52nd Grammy Awards List for Country artist in category 38 Best Country Vocal Duo or Group made it into The Los Angeles Times. In 2010, they released their debut single "Perfectly Imperfect Me", on their self titled debuted album, “Lost in Your Eye’s”. In November 2008 The Ramski’s starred in a short film directed by Tim Vogel "Careful What You Wish For". At the 2010 Alaska Intl Film Festival the film “Careful What You Wish For” starring The Ramski’s was awarded Northern Lights Emerging Talent Award for the Movie. Also the films theme song is The Ramski’s single “Perfectly Imperfect Me”. The Ramski’s were in the animated film “Special Red Dress” directed by author and producer Beth Roose also starring Rob Schneider, John de Lancie, and Catharine Hicks. Mindy and Melissa recorded and filmed a music video for “Snow” a song on the soundtrack for “Special Red Dress”. They followed by being voices in the animated film “Jimmy Paul the Pug Tooth Fairy” also directed by Beth Roose. July 2010 Mindy Ramski was picked to be a stand in for Leighton Meester in the upcoming movie "Country Strong"/ "Love Don't Let Me Down starring Gwenyth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, and Leighton Meester.
The Ramski’s are spokespersons for “Get Your Pants On!”
They enjoy spreading positive messages and found they could do this
by teaming up with CEO Kevin Cole to help bring forth and promote positive thinking, to think big and to dream bigger! This simply means, get up and take action, Time to Inspire! The Ramski’s went on a trip to Hollywood’s, celebrity gifted event at Stage 28 at Universal Studios, with some of the celebrities and they spoke with: Ernest Borgnine, Cloris Leachman, John Schneider, Scott Baio, and many more, they enjoyed inspiring and being inspired.
The Ramski’s like sharing the optimism, positivity and perseverance and encouragement. So “Get Your Smile On”, and move forward with your dreams.

One of , our recent films we have completed is The Animated Film "Special Red Dress" starring Rob Schneider, John de Lancie & Catherine Hicks.
As a Nashville Recording Artist The Ramski's or known on FB as Ramski Duo, we recorded one of the songs for the sound track "Snow", we then filmed in a music video for song "Snow" which will accompany the animated film "Special Red Dress". Be watching for this AWESOME!! animated film to hit this fall 2010 to be aired on one of the most popular TV Shows....details will follow as to where and when.

Now having just completed a second animated short Film -
Jimmy Paul The Pug Tooth Fairy this is one of the most adorable animated films if I may say so my self. You must see this for adult and children no matter your age this will make you smile, too cute. More details to follow. a trailer link will be available soon.

The Ramskis-Nashville Recording Artist
Our first single "Perfectly Imperfect Me" was selected as the theme song for the film, "Careful What You Wish For" in which we star in,
......This is coming your way this fall 2010....
you can find more details about these film projects, our new album and music... we have talked about by
clicking on the links you see below.
We both enjoy life, like being very busy, so if you have a project.....
We loved to hear about it!
We are both very passionate about our careers singing & acting, and we love to do both!
check us out website at......
March 9th 2010 we released our first
Debut Album "Lost In Your Eyes" this album can be found on every digital
service......ITUNES, NAPSTER, and many more
Mindy IMdB....see the Films, Animated Films, Voiceover, Makeup Artist
see my resume on this site along with many pictures to view

Melissa IMdB....see the Films, Animated Films, Voiceover, Makeup Artist
see my resume on this site along with many pictures to view

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Mindy and Melissa starring female roles in "Careful What You Wish For"

Film Synopsis:
The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side. Take stock of what you have in your life and be thankful for what you do have.
The film stars are up and coming singers and sisters, Mindy and Melissa Ramski. Now living in Nashville, they will be taking time out of their busy recording schedules to film “Careful What You Wish For” written by award winner Martin Ciliberto and Directed by award winner Tim Vogel.
Principal photography will take place at Midtown Sundries on Lake Norman in Cornelius, NC, for two days in early November. We want to especially thank Luke Caudle for allowing to film at Midtown Sundries.
Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Movie "Careful What You Wish For"

Movie "Careful What You Wish For"
The Ramski's in New Film Careful What You Wish For

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